I was thrilled to see the response to the first post of my Blessed Strength project, and today I want to showcase some of the “behind the scenes” of Kristy’s life as a Stroller Strides owner!

Before photographing Kristy, I had heard of Stroller Strides but never seen any of the classes in action. What is Stroller Strides? Basically it’s an awesome set-up wherein moms of young kids get to bring their children with them to workout classes. The kids get to hang out (and in nice weather enjoy the fresh air), the moms get to share in the accountability and camaraderie of working out with other moms, and everyone gets healthier! What’s not to like about that?

What was most impressive to me was that the sense of community and support among these women was almost palpable. There was no “shame-based” weight or diet talk that I’ve seen at other fitness classes (No “I can’t believe I ate an ice cream cone yesterday” type of thing), women of all shapes and sizes were participating, and the focus stayed on staying active and positive.  And the friendship goes even beyond that.  At the class I attended, there was even a surprise baby shower for Kristy (and no, they didn’t know I was coming so it wasn’t staged).  Stroller Strides is about moms getting healthy, doing something positive for themselves, and being great examples for their kids.

In the classes, the women challenge themselves with a variety of fitness activities: relays, contests, races, and more. These women may have little ones, but even the expectant ones are rocking planks and jogging around the park. Just look at them go!

Interested in checking out a class? Kristy owns several local franchises. Find out more about their options here.*

* All comments are based solely on my own opinions and observations. I am not being compensated in any way for this post!

And … psst, Kristy has since given birth, and I’ll be sharing her birth story later this week so stay tuned! You don’t want to miss this special post!

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