Documenting the sweet additions to your family in natural, timeless imagery

Documenting parenthood is one of my highest values, not just to cement the precious memories of your little one forever, but also to capture you as parents in these beautiful moments that will all too soon be gone. To show you as mother and father, with the love you have for your little one–these are some of the most important-and fleeting-moments of your life.

Your baby will be documented in a natural way, not with lots of adornment and fancy props, but being loved and cuddled by you, as well as some individuals in their simplest form… your child is beautiful and all the little details will be memorialized in timeless images, with an emphasis on black & white.

Because my imagery isn’t dependent on specific sleepy newborn poses and props, the special relationship between you and your child can be documented any time within your baby’s first year, or several times! Each stage has its own beauty and specialness: the sleepy newness of your baby just after delivery, the sweet pride they have as they sit up on their own, the tentative steps and newfound independence as they learn to crawl and walk.