photo collage of graduating senior

Friends, I’m looking for someone with a high school senior (graduating 2015, or possibly even someone who just graduated who did not get senior photos), who is interested in a “reimagining” of the senior photo experience to be a model for my new “Benediction” high school senior celebration sessions. This session would be a celebration of the senior but involve the whole family through short interviews and individual portraits as well as a few family photos. I have a vision for senior sessions that goes beyond just getting great photos (although you’d get that too), but also involves fostering an environment where you can speak life into your graduate and bless them as they prepare for their next step in life. Don’t worry; I will be providing the tools to help you share your love for your graduate, in a stress-free, low-key environment as I come alongside you.

If you would like to be considered for the “pilot” of my new session format–and the reduced session prices that come with being my guinea pig, please contact me. Ideal candidates would also be willing to spread the word about the awesomeness of your experience (because I am confident it *will* be awesome) to other 2015 graduating seniors, and would have the opportunity to earn product credit for doing so. But above all, candidates–and their families–must buy into the vision for these integrated family/graduate shoots.

This is for families and parents who:
* think their graduate is awesome and are proud of the young man or young woman they have become
* desire portraits that reveal the true heart of their child and go beyond the typical “model-type” senior shoots
* have pride and love their child, but would like a guiding hand to help express it
* have a heart full of well wishes and blessings and would like to leave their graduate with a “Benediction”
* believe in beautiful keepsakes

Is this you? Then please, contact me and tell me a bit about you and your family!