About Me

portrait of Sara ArrigoniI’m Sara:  mother of four crazy kids, the lucky wife of an awesome man, and lover of stories.

I’ve been in your shoes–more accurately, I *am* in your shoes. The kids are getting older by the minute, you rarely get a spare moment–let alone evening–with your honey, and you’re still trying to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight.

And yet, for me, something stirs inside, a desire to have some documentation that I lived and loved these ones who are so dear to me, and that we lived beautifully.  And that is why my passion drove me to pursue photography.

My friend told me when she saw my business name, “The Blessed Everyday,” she secretly wilted inside. “I don’t want you to see my everyday,” she said. “My everyday isn’t always pretty. I want to look glamorous and better.”

But for me, the blessed everyday is just about acknowledging that, yes, our everyday lives hold spills, stains, and some moments we wish we could take back, and often we are busy and bustling.

But there is also the sacred: the tender touch as we brush our daughter’s hair from her eyes, the tight hug for our little guy who all too soon will shrug off such things, and the steady heartbeat of our beloved as we unwind in bed at the end of a long day.

Those are the everyday blessings I want to capture. There is beauty in the everyday–in your story–that I want to unveil.