Your photographer should be a great fit both artistically and philosophically. I understand the trust that you are placing in me as the one to photograph your life and honor your family, and I promise to treasure that trust and provide the best experience I can for you.

To read more about my philosophy and what to expect during our session, please read my FAQ.

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What Should I Expect?

My goal for every session, no matter what the type, is to provide a platform for you to be honest, real, and relaxed … and in these types of environments, I think that magic can happen. Your photos should represent you–not a waxy, varnished facsimile of yourself.

In your session, we never know what will happen, and that’s part of the beauty.

But one thing I can promise is that your session isn’t about trying to create “poses;” it’s about engaging with one another in a unique dialogue of spoken and unspoken communication, connecting with our loved ones, and capturing those moments for you to cherish forever.

I hope that after you see your images you would see yourself and your relationships more clearly, because I think it is impossible to see a glimpse of how loved you are and not be at least a bit changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear something that you feel beautiful and comfortable in, something that accurately reflects you!  I recommend choosing clothing that complements one another, but isn’t overtly matchy-matchy.  Avoid logos if possible, and solids or conservative patterns are advisable as they photograph well in color or black and white.  Still not sure?  I have Pinterest boards to peruse so you can get some ideas!

How long will my session last?

Expect most sessions to last 1-2 hours, but block out 2-3 hours in your schedule to be safe. In general, sessions with newborns take the longest due to diaper changes, feedings, and fussiness, while sessions with toddlers will often be shorter due to the short attention span of our subjects (but don’t worry, with three kids ages 5 and under at home myself, I am well accustomed to working quickly!). Please arrive on time for your session, as sessions are scheduled with time of day and available sunlight in mind.

How many photos will I receive? Will they be in color or black & white?

At least 20 images will be available for purchase, in a mix of color and black and white, depending on what I feel works best artistically. Often there are more images to choose from, but you will not receive “every image” that I shoot… I do the work of selecting the very best for you and working my artistic magic to make sure you look your best!

When will I receive my images?

Please allow two weeks for your photos to be ready for viewing and ordering.  All sessions include a complementary in-person “reveal” session, whereI debut your images and guide you through the process of making the best selections to suit your budget and print and digital needs. All artwork ordered at this session will be ready within 6 weeks of the placement of your order. Specifics will be discussed at your in-person ordering session.