Your days are a whirl of kids, activities, and craziness, and yes, sometimes you feel frazzled and like the last thing you want to do is pick up your camera … but your family is also full of love and life that should be memorialized.

Yes, you will get the lovely “Christmas card photo” that has eluded you when your mom grabs your camera, asks, “What button do I press?” and snaps away.  But you will also get photos that capture your family in the midst of your best “real-life” moments, sharing the activities that you enjoy together.  I allow plenty of time to get the “formal” family photo for the grandparents as well as to document your “blessed everyday”–your favorite part of the day or week as a family–whether it’s storytime on the couch, family game night around the dining room table, or playtime at the park.

Your photo session will celebrate all the interactions, emotions, and perhaps even that bit of chaos that makes your family unique. Our session is meant to capture a glimpse of the particular quirks and characteristics unique to your family and each of your children. Expect to laugh, love and share a good time in a relaxed environment, minus any stress or pressure to “perform” for the camera.

And just in case you are thinking, “Oh, but she hasn’t met my little ones! What if she can’t handle my stubborn toddler?”  Don’t worry; with four kids at home (including 3 boys!), I’m unlikely to be daunted by anything your kids throw my way.